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SORPATOM Statement on MIFEE - August 2010

This month, despite numerous reports of journalists receiving death threats for reporting on environmental problems in Indonesia, and the suspicious death of a journalist in Merauke, campaigners in Merauke, Papua province have been brave enough to publicly reject MIFEE. The statement below was issued by SORPATOM this month. While some of the data seems to be wrong, and some of the political analysis is difficult to qualify, the wider concerns raised are legitimate. 

For more information on SORPATOM, visit their website:  Here is the Statement.

Reject the Papua People's Solidarity MIFEE
Secretariat : Aspuri Maro , Complex - Mandobo Muyu , Padang Bulan - Abepura
Press Releases

"Save the Land and People of Papua Of Threats MIFEE Mega Projects "
Project MIFEE (Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate ( Barn Merauke Integrated Food and Energy ) has officially inaugurated by the Regents of Merauke , Jhon Gluba Gebze town of Merauke on the celebration of the 108th anniversary of the date of February 12, 2010 . Program MIFEE Agriculture includes Rice , Sugar Cane , Corn , Palm Oil , Cattle Farming , Fishing and other export -oriented , will involve 36 investors with an area of land to be cultivated area of 2.5 million hectares in almost all districts in the district . Merauke district and one each in the District . Mappi and Digoel . The number of companies that have operated actively until the year 2010 amounted to 13 Companies with an investment of Rp. 18,186,715,000,000 ; -. Of the 13 such entities, 10 wore lane Foreign Investment ( PMA ) , while the rest use the path of the Domestic Investment ( PMDN ) .
Mega Projects MIFEE itself is the answer to food and energy crisis that hit the imperialist countries , especially the United States (U.S. ) in 2008 . It was this crisis that resulted in the imperialist countries began to seek new areas to invest in the field of food and energy. of course you are looking for regions are: ( 1 ) of the available land area in large numbers , ( 2 ) the land, if owned by the owners of customary (adat ) , can be seized by the country concerned or may be provided to private investors as the manager , ( 3 ) states that government must be obedient to the U.S. imperialists and can provide a legal umbrella for the investment and the Armed Forces to maintain the stability and security of investment ; ( 4 ) areas of cheap labor available in large numbers by level of education , mastery and use of low technology ; ( 5 ) region is a potential market segment and its population is concentrated as the major consumer of goods produced in the imperialist .
Departing from this imperialist necessities of life , Regime SBY- SBY- JK and subsequently Boediono and The Great bourgeoisie compradors ( BBK = Tycoons ) as partners of imperialism, began to do everything necessary to meet the supply of food and energy to be supplied to the imperialist countries . Landlord SBY-JK/SBY-Boediono regime as the Great in the archipelago began to provide the legal instruments , PP , Presidential , Presidential Directive and Regulation on provincial and district level in Indonesia that serves as an umbrella law for the investment. This regime is also providing troops and police to guard and protect all his decision to run in accordance with the imperialist desires .
Investment projects in the field of food and energy, which tilled by SBY-JK/SBY-Boediono according to taste imperialist regime is then connect with similar projects , but focused only on rice plants , which was run by Regent John Gluba Gebze since 2000 . The project is named Mire or Merauke Integrated Rice Estated and many people involved in the work of planting rice in paddy fields in size , usually called Regent Land. Marriage between Regime project SBY / SBY - JK - Boediono nationally and Projects John Gluba Gebze local scale and then gave birth to what are known as MIFEE . MIFEE had entered in the Priority Program 100 Day of United Indonesia Cabinet ( SBY - Boediono Regime ) Volume 2 .
Some legal umbrella created by the regime of SBY - SBY- JK and subsequently as a basis Boediono MIFEE project implementation include: ( 1 ) Act (Act ) No. 27 year 2007 concerning Capital Investment , ( 2 ) Government Regulation ( PP ) No. 40 year 1996 on the Right to Exploit , Land Right and Right to Use of Land , ( 3 ) Government Regulation ( PP ) 26/2008 on National Spatial Plan ( RTRWN ) , ( 4 ) Government Regulation ( PP ) No. 2 of 2008 on Types and Tariffs for Non-Tax State Revenue from use of the Forest Area of Interest Outside Activities for Forestry , ( 5 ) Government Regulation ( PP ) No. 24/2010 on the Use of Forest Area , ( 6 ) Government Regulation ( PP ) No. 10/2010 on the Procedure How to Change Appropriation and Function of Forest Area , ( 7 ) Presidential Instruction No. 5 of 2008 on Focus Economic Program 2008-2009, and ( 8 ) Regulation Number 23 Year Merauke in 2010 About Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate made by Regency Merauke.
MIFEE next start was announced and propagated as something very beneficial for the Indonesian people in general and the People of Papua , Papua , especially the South in particular. Thus , in accordance with the objectives and methods of exclusion landowners and farmers by the imperialists , began the effort to grab land owned by indigenous communities Malind - Anim . On paper , MIFEE is a very promising project . However , the project was a disaster for the people of customary owners .
There has been land seizures by using a low level of public education , so that the land compensation is taken to be very cheap , USD . 8 , - / M2 - a price that is unreasonable because it is more cheaper than the price of a fried banana . According to search some NGO activists - who has now stir slam support the project MIFEE - the amount of money received by the community billions of rupiah , but when divided by all the people who have customary rights , they only get about Rp . 200 000 to Rp . 500 000 per person .
From existing data , it is known that the total land to be confiscated is approximately 2.5 million hectares , comprising 0.6 million hectares of wetlands and 1.9 million hectares of dry land . Of the total , the land has been seized and utilized for the project is approximately 12 158 hectares MIFEE ( upland ) + 23 744 acres (wetlands ) = 35 902 hectares .
MIFEE negative impacts of the project are now starting to be felt the local community . In Kampong Boepe , District Kaptel Merauke district , indigenous communities have started trouble getting firewood , hunted animals , clean water and their staple food is sago . This is because the PT . Medco Papua Sustainable Industries , one of the Medco Group Subsidiary owned by Arifin Panigoro Warku Gebze 've cleared out the forest and food resources for local communities . In addition the results of Wood Processing shale waste dumped in the river thus polluting the water sources the only one in Kampong Boepe . In addition to the destruction of food sources , sacred places which became the center of indigenous cosmology Malind - Anim tribe had come uncovered because the boundaries of indigenous territories uncovered due to land clearing .
At least four million people will be brought in from outside of Papua to work as cheap farm labor in the project MIFEE . This means there will be a population of about four million peasant-worker + 4 million (husband / wife of peasant-worker ) + 8 million ( two of their children according to standards KB ) + 8 million ( two relatives of farm workers ) = 24 million people . With a total population of the indigenous population of only around Merauke 52 413 people or about 30 % of the total population of 174 710 Merauke ( Papua and Non- Papuan ) , it can be ascertained that genocide or extermination of the indigenous community will occur spontaneously.
In conclusion , it can be said that the most interest in the mega project is MIFEE Imperialist countries , especially the United States is experiencing a food crisis and energy. Furthermore , the imperialist countries began to provide capital to the regime and the BBK SBY-JK/SBY-Boediono as investment funds . Regime 's anti - imperialist people of this answer needs by issuing a number of umbrella legislation whose goal is nothing less than to seize lands owned by indigenous Papuans of South and gave it to BBK ( 36 investors ) to capitalize. Because it deprived the owners of communal land will surely protest and resistance. To anticipate this possibility , Regime SBY-JK/SBY-Boediono Soldiers and police have set up as a reactionary tool whose job is to fight the people whose land was seized. Based on this horrible reality MIFEE the project must be resisted because it is anti - people and oppressive , not only against the people of southern Papua , Papua and Indonesia , but also against the government of the Republic of Indonesia, which for years by the imperialist United States and its allies is always used as slaves and machinery murderer of his own people .
Order to save the Land and People of Papua from the threat of investment in Papua , especially mega projects MIFEE , then we declare that :
  1. firmly reject the presence of Investing in Papua , especially the mega-project investments MIFEE in southern Papua .
  2. Urging the government of SBY - Budiono regime immediately revoke the various agreements ( MoU ) and legal instruments relating to investments in Papua , especially MIFEE Investment .
  3. Merauke District Government urged to immediately revoke the Regional Regulation No. 23 Year 2010 regarding Development Merauke Integreted Food and Energy Estate ( MIFEE ) Marauke District .
  4. Proclaimed to all the People of the Universe, particularly the People's Solidarity With Papua to build in order to reject all good investment Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) and Domestic Investment ( PMDN ) which threatens the sources of life of Indigenous Peoples .
This statement is made with real attitude , and to act upon by the parties associated with investments in Papua , especially MIFEE Mega Project Investment .

Port Numbay , Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Acting Together To Save the Land and People of Papua
Diana Victoria Gebze ( Chairman SORPATOM ) Fr . Fredy Pawika , OFM ( SEMA KKRS Koord. STFT Fajar Timur)

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